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Lark’s dining experience is hip, friendly and fun, perfect for date night, groups, weekday dinner or weekend brunch with the family. Our food menu features casual comfort food including artisan wood-fired Neapolitan-style pizza, burgers, sandwiches and entrées, while our new cocktail menu features whimsical, refreshing cocktails that evoke Lark’s spacious outdoor patio and casual vibe.


Lark Chicago

Brunch at Lark

If you’ve been following my food journey you know that nothing makes me happier than “discovering’ restaurants and being pleasantly surprised by them. In such a quest, I came across a new gem this month located in Lakeview, and simply cannot wait to tell you all about it. I got invited in to try the brunch menu at Lark and must say that I was pleasingly astounded. All I knew before my visit there was that it is was a bar/restaurant hideaway on Halsted that offered everything from pizzas, burgers to brunch.

Little did I know that I would also discover one of the city’s most beautifully decorated patios that presents a whole new world if you take the time to walk to the back. And what’s more, is that it was packed with people who seemed to already know this little secret. Where have I been?!

I brought my friend with me for company and together we embarked on our journey at Lark. The drink specials were all too good to make a choice from, so owner Ralph brought us a Sangria, Bellini and Bloody Mary each. We didn’t protest.

Each drink was refreshingly tasty. Their bellini has actual peach puree in it while their Bloody Mary is seasoned with freshly grated lime and lemon zest. Before you ask, yes we chose the bottomless option.

The Chilaquiles were first on the list. A gorgeously plated bowl with warm tortilla chips layered with scrambled egg, shredded cheese, salsa verde, cream fresca, and pickled peppers came to the table. On top, was also a dollop of their zesty guacamole. I absolutely loved how each chip I picked was smothered in all the contents of this dish, making each bite intensely satisfying. I’m not joking when I say, we wiped the bowl clean.

Their Avocado Toast was a hit for us. Two poached eggs (we asked for it not to be runny) over avocado on a multi-grain toast with crab salad on the side. The salad was optional but I don’t think it would the same without. Pure bites of heaven.

Having now eaten their Spring Frittata I wonder why I don’t think to get frittatas more often for breakfast or brunch. At Lark, it is served as a crustless egg quiche with asparagus, baby arugula, cherry tomatoes and goat cheese served over a mixed green salad with the most amazing Tarragon Vinaigrette, I also now wonder why I don’t use more tarragon in my cooking?! The dish came with an awesome medley of house potatoes and onions. This dish has it all and will fill you up. The eggs were perfectly cooked too.

Lark offers a Beyond Burger which is a ½ pound of vegan patty topped with sliced avocado, pickled sweet peppers, lettuce, tomatoes and onions and served on tender ciabatta. The sandwich is smeared with a “cashew cheese,” and I really appreciated that they kept this dish all-around vegan. The cashew cheese was very sooth and seriously the mother of all vegan sauces.

We couldn’t leave without trying a pizza baked in their wood-fire oven, so we ordered a Margherita one. My search for the best thin crust pizza may have been over as I also discovered one of the city’s best pies. This thin crust pizza with fresh mozzarella, basil and tomato sauce seriously hit the spot.

Service was noteworthy too. We had several servers who attended to us throughout the course of our four-hour brunch (its hard to leave a beautiful patio and bottomless drinks), and they were all super attentive and eager to please. Always helps make the experience so much more enjoyable.

Brunch at Lark was just the most gratifying experience and there’s no question I’ll go back to dine here again very soon.

Source: The Chicago Pescetarian

Lark, in Chicago's Boystown neighborhood, has been a casual, relaxed neighborhood gathering spot for decades. Lark's dining experience is hip, friendly and fun, perfect for date night, groups, weekday dinner or weekend brunch with the family.